Green $ is the true Motive?

Now I’m a 100% behind finding ways to make our world today run off green energy, but not when the money goes to corporate executives and then their companies disappear!!! For example The Obama White House, and as his favourite green pet- solar energy firm Solyndra, managed to do an overnight disappearing act with over $500 million in taxpayer funds.(1) When the company applied to get the grant the Department of Energy "had serious doubts about the company’s financial strength"(1). Whay were they given the grant you ask well? To answer that question is a man by the name of George Kaiser, an Oklahoma billionaire and a major investor in Solyndra, who also happened to be… a key fundraiser for Obama’s 2008 election campaign. Yet after going bankrupt Mr.Kaiser was able to pocket $75 Million before being thrown under the bus as he was first in-line to pay for the losses. But that company is just one of a few.  $510 million in stimulus loans and grants were given too Steve Westly who has ties to Tesla Motors, and yes he raised $500,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign.  Another $584,000 stimulus tax credit granted to Serious Materials, a small window manufacturing company and Robin Roy, a Serious executive is married to Cathy Zoi, a former assistant secretary for the Energy Department’s office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) which was responsible for $16 billion in stimulus money. She was nominated for the position by the Obama administration. $2.1 billion stimulus grant, despite the fact that the project was awarded to a German firm, Solar Millennium and its U.S. subsidiary, Solar rust of America. Along the same lines the Energy Department gave out $1.45 billion in loan guarantees to Abendgoa Solar, a Spanish company building plants in California and Arizona.Another $529 Million went to Fisker car company as a promise to many new American jobs, yet they opperate their manufacturing plant in Finland creating no new jobs, but the reson behind funding is in the car companies ties to Al Gore! Now this just shows more spending of the money that this nation does not have, but its their political agenda to give back to the CORPORATIONS that helped you run your campaign and the companies or politicians dont pay for it in the end its you and me the tax-payers. The government is so corrupt it makes me sick and has for got about the people of this nation in order to gain more wealth and power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Environmental Green Energy report losses!

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